How To Care For Fibre Wigs

We can't lie, synthetic wigs, or as  I prefer to call them 'Fibre wigs' are in vogue and you must agree that they're worth the hype and give you that natural-looking finish ON A BUDGET! The High quality fibre wigs we sell at SoHer are honestly quite difficult to differentiate from human hair wigs . I honestly prefer to call them FIBRE WIGS because most people get so disinterested especially when they hear "SYNTHETIC"  that they don't want to give these wigs a chance!  I've had a lot of clients come back later and make jokes about how they thought these were shiny, badly made wigs but were so impressed with the finishing and quality after their first buy. 

Fibre wigs consist of man-made fibres of either polyester, acrylic and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They serve as great dupes for human hair but are not as durable as human hair. Fibre wigs come pre-styled, thus the style is incorporated in the final look of the wig. Therefore, these wigs are able to hold this style for longer periods despite humidity or wind unlike human hair wigs . 






To maintain the body of your wigs, either finger comb or use a wide tooth comb

Wigs can be re-curled with a curling iron .However do not heat iron to more than 400 Degrees F(or temperature indicated by wig manufacturer)  . Note that the curl pattern achieved using curling iron may vary from the  initial curl pattern of the wig.

Comb your wig at the end of each wear . When combing, start from the tips, to get rid of any tangles and work your way to the roots of the hair .

Washing can be done with warm water, shampoo and conditioner (FABRIC SOFTENER has been found to work great as a conditioner for fibre hair). 

DO NOT BLOW DRY HAIR. Leave hair to air dry 

One important aspect we fail to acknowledge is how you STORE YOUR WIGS! Storing your fibre wigs well go a long way into its durability. Store your wig on a wig Stand or keep a thin net around it and store it in a wig bag after each wear. 

If you'd want to use HAIR OIL/SPRAY  for your synthetic wigs, use just a small amount as synthetic wigs are very sensitive to excessive product use. 


Straight fibre wigs usually stay straight for long periods without the need for re-straightening. However for longer lengths of these straight wigs, the tips tend to tangle and get harder with time as compared to the shorter fibre wigs. My advice? Every time you feel your long fibre wigs are getting rough ends , you cut these ends off ;more like getting rid of "split ends" of your own hair .  


These tend to increase in volume with time and thus I advise you ignore a comb in the initial stages when the wig is all brand new and use your fingers if you want more volume in your wig. Combing through this with a comb may destroy the curl pattern (unless that's your intention!)  and as said earlier, re-curling may not be able to achieve the exact same initial curl pattern especially if you're an amateur . Feel free to apply your hair mousse but note that SYNTHETIC WIGS ARE VERY SENSITIVE TO EXCESSIVE PRODUCT USE. So use all products in MODERATION


          1. Gently remove any tangles from your fibre wig using a wide-toothed comb or wig brush. If you prefer, you could just use your fingers to smooth away any tangles. The best way to detangle the hair is to begin at the tips, combing downwards and then carefully work your way up to the roots, always using that same downwards motion.
          2. Fill your bowl or sink with warm water (but not too warm). Always read the instructions on your wig shampoo bottle, but you would normally use a cap full or a good splash of shampoo to swirl into the water until you have delightful shampoo/water mix. Then immerse the wig in the water, gently swirl, then let the wig soak for up to 5 minutes.
          3. Rinse the wig in tepid water until all of the shampoo is removed and the water runs clear. Take care to ensure the water flows in the same direction as the hair, from root to tip. Ensure you have removed all of the shampoo thoroughly, as a build-up of leftover shampoo can create a matted, greasy look (and no one wants that).
          4. After rinsing, it’s time to condition and make your wig silky and soft. In a sink or bowl, mix tepid water with a capful of wig conditioner and immerse the wig. Gently swirl and let the wig soak for up to 5-10 minutes. Follow the same rinsing process as shampooing if using a wig conditioner. 
          5. Remove your wig from the water and place it in a towel. Gently pat out any excess water with a towel. Do not twist, rub or heavily brush the wig whilst wet. Gently comb into shape from tips to crown. Allow to air dry on a poly head or wig stand.




 You do not need to wash your wig or hairpiece as often as you would your own hair. As an approximate guideline, we suggest washing after 10-12 wears. We usually say use your own judgement because no one knows your wig better than you. 

No!! Dyeing fibre hair  will damage these fibres. Want a wig in a particular colour ?You'd have to purchase it in that colour from the shop. 
How long your fibre wig will last will  depend on so many factors. The manufacturing company, how you care for it, the length, the type of fibre wig bought and the differences in prices(you get what you pay for right ?)
Over the years, I have tried a lot of fibre wigs and I've noticed fibre wigs from OUTRE HAIR tend to last longer.  Shorter FIBRE WIGS also tend to last longer than the longer ones due to the shorter ones being easier to maintain . Storing your wigs appropriately also improves durability . Proper wig care as explained in this post also help your wigs last longer . If you constantly  keep applying heat and products to your wigs, you may also be damaging the fibers 
Amy says Hi, I have used synthetic shorter wigs for the past 2 years and have washed them (using the correct shampoo/conditioners) many times, always leaving them to dry naturally with a tweak here and there. I am always amazed at how well they retain their shape,. With proper care they will last for a long time, a couple of years even, before they begin to look past their best. Admittedly I don’t wear mine every day but they are certainly excellent value for money.




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