Lace Wigs

Lace Wigs

A lace wig is constructed on a lace cap with a hairline that looks very real. When you make partitions on your hairline along the closure, it looks very realistic. The Lace is made only in front of the wig while the rest of the wig is made with regular netting cap. This can only be parted in the front parted area and cannot be worn in high up dos and high ponytails


How to wear a lace wig

  • Put the wig on and make sure the wig is aligned correctly in both sides of ear tabs.
  • Outline the shape of hairline with chalk
  • Start to cut the front lace along the side of be forehead line.
  • Cutting from the bottom of one side to the center of the forehead line and repeat from the other side

For a more realistic looking closure, apply some makeup such as foundation or concealer in the wig parting space to match your scalp

Caution: Handle very gently. Lace is very sensitive and this can be torn if handled roughly